Santa's little helper

It’s Christmas Eve. Santa and Rudolf are getting ready for Christmas. Santa puts on his red jacket and his red hat. There are lots of presents in Santa’s sleigh for children around the world. Now they are off!

Santa leaves a present for good boys and girls. He eats one mince pie. Then two…three…four!

Amy is asleep at home. Santa climbs down the chimney with Amy’s present. But oh dear…he is too fat. He can’t move! Amy gets awake and helps Santa.

“Thank you Amy. Can you help me to take the presents?’” “Yes, Santa. Let’s go!”

Amy and Santa fly into the air. They go all around the world with the Christmas presents. Amy goes down the chimney and puts the presents under the tree.

The sleigh flies back to the North Pole for more presents. Santa’s toy factory is very busy. There are robots, dolls, balls and teddies. Amy is at the North Pole. It is snowing. Amy and Rudolf throw snowballs. They have lots of fun.

Then Santa brings Amy back home. “Thank you Amy. Here’s a special present for you.” Thanks Santa. See you again next year!”

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